Spicerak'S. – Who We Are & Our Mission

Firstly we must honour our loving father and best friend Omee, who was fondly known to all as ‘The Chief Taster’. He was a true Punjabi and pioneer in his time within the food industry having launched the first ready made frozen chapatti and Indian Curry to hit the UK market. After many years of building a successful business including catering for events, delivering to hospitals across the UK and finally moving into the chilled foods sector supplying major supermarkets with products like Onion Bhaji, Samosa and Spring Roll, the recession of the 80’s took its toll and the business had to close its doors.

Sadly he is no longer here with us today but his vision and legacy has always remained with us. However behind every man, there is always a good woman who is the steady rock in the background. Our mum has been an inspiration to us all and her cooking skills helped the business achieve the great heights back in those days. Today she is our ‘Chief Taster’, helping us find the old footsteps to follow….

Guess What? The Chief Is Back!

After many years of his famous recipes gathering dust, we have finally brought them back to where they belong, in the hands of the UK consumer! Once again these recipes can be tasted and enjoyed exactly the way the Chief always envisaged, with true authenticity!
mum and dad

Why Us?

The spice blends we produce are perfectly balanced using the Chief’s Original recipes and concepts with a bit of tweeking here and there, only where we felt we could make real improvements!

Now as the New Chiefs of the operation we are always testing and coming up with new innovative ideas to bring new products to the fold.

You can always be assured that our spice mixes will be time friendly and bursting full of flavour to bring the true authentic taste of India to your doorstep!

Your main advantage with our products is the ease in which they can be prepared. Anyone from a Novice in the kitchen to a 3 star Michelin Chef will be able to cook incredible mouth watering dishes from our mixes to a restaurant style standard in minutes. If you are looking for a product that does exactly what it says on the tin, this is it – Our slogan says it all down to a tee!
dad in factory

Moreishly Good Cooking

After trying our products for the first time we are very confident that you will have created the best Indian curries and appetisers ever! More importantly you will now be able to enjoy Curry Nights more frequently as it won’t be costing you the earth!

All the best for now and we shall look forward to despatching an order for you very soon!

The Spicerak'S Team.