The Chef's Secret Blend Curry Kit


Our Home Cook Curry Kits from £1.95 allow you to make at home freshly cooked favourite Indian dishes like Onion Bhaji, Tikka Masala, Jalfrezi and more using our perfectly blended spice kits. Choose from a small to large pack to feed your curry fix!

You don’t need to be a good cook to produce restaurant style food. All the hard work has been done for you, simply follow step by step instructions to create your amazing tasting dishes. If you love Scratch Cooking then our kits are the easiest on the market!

Amaze your family and friends with your culinary skills. Try us once, love us forever.
Gluten Free*
Vegan & Slimming Friendly*
Salt & Sugar Free*

Easy Cooking In 3 Steps

Are you are one of those people that can cook but struggle at times balancing spices and getting the flavour right, yet having spent hours cooking, only to find the dish still doesn’t taste as good as your local restaurant?

Our Curry Kits are a godsend and a doddle to prepare! Simply follow the instructions, add few ingredients, a bit of water, cook and hey presto your dish is served!

Every curry kit we produce is prepared using our family’s original secret recipes and our passion of Indian food to create ridiculously tasty and moreish food.

We use only the finest spices in a curry loving environment to ensure the highest standard of quality is delivered in each and every curry kit.
Customer Favourites
chief’s oo la la onion bhaji mix
Chief’s OO LA LA Onion Bhaji Mix
Onion Bhaji has to be the No.1 all time favourite with curry lovers! This dish combines onion and gram flour to create a batter where round balls are formed then deep fried. Our version creates a light and crispy batter which hits the right tone of spice. One thing that can be said about our bhaji’s is they are certainly ‘ Moreish’ and probably the best bhaji’s in the world. Well we think so anyway and hope you do too! Choose your pack size from the option below.
chief’s kebaburger mix
Chief’s Kebaburger Mix
Kebabs and Burgers are also another all time favourite. Always a big hit with the family! You can use lamb, chicken or beef to produce these dishes. Our version has a spicy blend of tandoori spices which helps to create highly infused dishes that taste fantastic and bursting with flavour. Perfect for the barbecue or standard grill. Choose your pack size from the option below.
barbecue twin 2 pack deal
Barbecue Kits Twin Pack Deal
Choose 1 option for Tandoori Tikka or Kebaburger and receive 2 kits of that choice.
accompaniments twin 2 pack deal
Accompaniment Kits Twin Pack Deal
Choose 1 option for Special Pilau Rice Mix and receive 2 kits of that choice.
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*Please see Gluten Free Symbol for each kit and read disclaimer.
*Slimming Friendly when using alternative oils.
*Check each kit on Salt and Sugar. All kits are sugar free but some may have a low salt content.